“Simply put, Life is a dynamic, experimental series of events and experiences that are taking place in some cosmic sequential order based on the nature, content and feeling tone of our thoughts”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Michael Harvey

                 Perhaps to most, this is a rather bold, unsettling yet interesting statement, however so incredibly true but please bear in mind, that there is genius in boldness. Have you ever asked yourself, how do circumstances, experiences and events arise in our lives? What thoughts & ideas am I selecting to entertain out of the myriad that pass through my mind daily. Our thoughts provide a much greater service than we give credit for. It has been noted globally by many in the scientific community, that our thoughts become our reality. One of the world greatest scientist and mathematicians Albert Einstein stated, "The average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of those are from yesterday".


Friends, it is when we spend the majority of our time thinking of that which is Not that induces creativity rather than thinking incessantly upon that which already Is in the way that it is. There is a deeper explanation, but here's one thing I've learned over the years, thoughts give rise and meaning to our lives with such richness and fullness that we are sometimes unable to separate thought from our physical, material experience. Think about it this way, where would we be without the use of imagination and exploration? Here's what I can tell you, absolutely nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing exists in this world and beyond without there first being a thought of it as a possibility. In other words, there is no one thing that anyone can think of that exists now or has ever existed, that was not first preceded by thought-Period! Here's the crux, when we arrive at a thought of impression, no matter how uniquely different, sordid, dysfunctional or genius it is, it has to already be of substantive value in the Great Mind of Things to Become.

Again, quite startling to imagine, that this creative universal body of Mind could hold within it such possibilities that are life debilitating. But here is where creative thinking and the freedom to choose comes in giving thought the ability to flow in either direction. Thought is energy that is moving with such speed and accuracy that it is difficult to ignore or disregard it's influence and power. This is creativity made manifest behind the activity of consciously participating in certain thoughts and putting some action to it. Human beings have not altered the way Mind works necessarily but have chosen to use it in a direction that oftentimes makes it disturbing to fathom. Thought is a natural and binding condition of life and for us and all the better.  As we step into the doorway of self mastery of it, by selecting, then encouraging the thoughts that expand our highest and greatest selves, with our end game being of total and complete transformation and service to humanity.


What in life could possibly be more refreshing, more renewing than to know, without any doubt or reservation, that, who we are, and who we want to become and experience is all encapsulated in the thoughts that we entertain with diligence and regularity. There is no question that thoughts of fear and danger bring about circumstances that mirror or reflect back in the direction of the thinker thinking those thoughts.  All the same is true for the person who thinks of and often imagines with reliability and vividness, possessing little or no aptitude in the study of mindful self mastery but constantly thinks and dreams of all the pleasures, refinement and or luxuries of life and experiences it.

Life is and has always been ours to plant and nurture the seeds of genius, aspiration and eminence into the ever fertile soil of Mind. By meticulous cultivation and regular monitoring, we must give careful attention to what falls within its circumference and is accepted as truth.  Friends with patient expectation, endurance and increasing opportunities, knowing that our thoughts are well within the perfect domain of creativity, while harnessing the power of the intellect, that one day, perhaps sooner than later, their ideal life will begin to emerge, now showing the evidence of commitment and delivery. We have the ability to choose the pattern, trajectory and shape that our lives are to flow. The natural order of things in play is first our awareness and state of mind, which is shaped and developed in parts by our thoughts, feelings and external stimuli, then the appropriate circumstances are created and within our circumstances we find our experiences and environment of which the latter are happening.


How else and by what other means have we arrived at the point and place of where we find ourselves today?



                                                                                                   REACHING ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL LIMITS