REACHING ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL LIMITS



                             Greetings and welcome to Powerhouse P9P. We are extremely excited to dialog with you as we merge into 4th dimensional thinking and Being. With that, we will also explore the depths of consciousness leading into mind bending examples of what’s possible right now and beyond. We will touch topics that create a path to a clearer way of thinking, seeing and understanding, therefore and ultimately unfolding a better way of Being Human. This platform is a collaborative of collective consciousness, widening and deepening the minds of those truly interested in Personal Transformation, please trust that this world we live in deeply needs you. Now, there are those among us who would oppose this kind of idea, all the while trying to fix that which wasn’t broken until they touched it and very few that are thinking independently. Becoming an independent thinker foils the plans of those controlling the lives of people who fall victim to their ambitions. What we truly need are more and more people who think differently other than that which this material world shows us and, in that thinking differently, we begin making different choices and in doing so we obviously begin to behave noticeably different.


So what's the mission? Cultivate a mass consciousness consistent with the Majestic Movement of Mind and the Universes.


Dear friends consider this, consciously and deliberately becoming harmoniously One in mind and body with the Magnificence and Beauty of this All Encompassing, All Life Supporting Intelligence which is full of Magic, Brilliance and Unlimited Power & Potential. Just how much more fulfilling would life actually be for anyone who chose Being indivisibly parallel with this cosmic unified, unfiltered sequence and flow of pure universal energy. This is exactly the type of idea we need to embrace and align with. We want to saturate the world with an undying, unwavering effort to more fully and more consciously participate in an ever evolving reality that we can create. One in which we demonstrate love and respect for everyone along with incomparable care, compassion and unequaled consideration. We all play such a major, vital role in the events and experiences that we all will encounter in time to come.


Let’s think about this for just a moment, do we honestly believe that if we were educated from the very beginning that what we think and feel mattered in the outcome of our lives and to our existence? And that we would not be thinking more proactively creative than selfishly uncaring? Perhaps, we would in fact be more loving and helpful than filled with rage, anger, hatred and animosity. Interestingly, in today's society we believe that thoughts are either our allies or our adversaries, where we also embrace and applaud conformity to the norm and status quo rather than stimulate and congratulate creativity.


We will go deeper into this later to demonstrate that thoughts have always been available to serve our greatest & highest. To know this truthfully will require a deepening and widening of our awareness, in order to live a life that is, Soul Serving rather than Soul Sucking.  We are fearlessly looking to engage in the further development of optimistic, creative independent thinkers.  


We become leaders first over our own lives and destinies that are filled with purpose, promise and position, which are in tune and in touch with the Newness of the Nowness within this Isness-










Your friend & host,